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Starting and Managing a Game

Once your game manager account is created you can start and manage games.

Starting A Game   See Screen Shot
To start a game enter the game information and rules with the new game form...
- Game Title
- Teams
- Cost Per Square
- Payouts
- Maximum Number of squares a player can select
- More

Managing A Game   See Screen Shot
Once your game is started you can then notify players and keep track of the progress.

We've made it easy for you set up an email list and invite your friends directly from your account.

You'll be able to see which squares have been selected and how many remain.

You'll be able to keep track of which players have paid you for their squares, who still owes money, and send out reminders.

Once all of the squares are selected, you close the game which locks the board. You can then pick and enter the numbers yourself or have the system pick the numbers automatically with our random number generator.

You'll be able to enter game scores by quarter which will highlight the winning square, and allow you to send out the results.

Players do not pay for the squares through the site. They will pay the game manager directly

Playing a Game
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