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Playing a Game

Once you have created a new game and notified your friends, it's easy for them to start selecting and tracking their squares.

When you start a new game, a unique game number will be automatically established. You'll also create an pool password. This game number, along with the pool password will be used by your friends to log in to the game.  Screen Shot

The first time they log in to the game they will enter their name, email and a personal password to establish themselves as a player.  Screen Shot

Once logged in, the game board will display and show which squares are available.  Screen Shot

They can select their squares by simply checking the box in any of the available squares.

Along with the game board, additional game information and game rules will display.

They can return at any time to log in and review the game board. If the game is still open, they can add or remove squares.

Additional Note: As a game manager you will be responsible for collecting the money owed by the players, and distribute the winnings.

Sounds Fun and Easy - Lets Do It!
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